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Our top priority is having top-notch presenters, and we genuinely value your time, wanting our members to benefit the most. At the same time, we understand your concern about affordability. Rest assured, we offer some of the best-priced CE courses without ever compromising on quality

Keep track of all your Continuing Education in one place! With DentULearn’s CE calculator, you can now upload all your previous CEs to your portal. Plus, this CE calculator will assist you in maintaining a comprehensive record of the CEs they have participated in.

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Our members gain exclusive access to the presentation schedule, enabling you to plan your learning journey well in advance and reserve your spot for the most anticipated events. Additionally, they would have the opportunity to schedule private sessions in which they could have one-on-one courses with specialists in their favorite topics and receive CE credits for that.

Being up to date with presentation schedules empowers you to engage with cutting-edge topics, ensuring that your knowledge remains current and relevant to the evolving landscape of dentistry.

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